WHY the Prison sale to HIRA is bad for the New Castle Community.

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The Reverend Bruce R. Leonatti

 I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh steel town of Duquesne, a town very much like New Castle, back in those days. In High School I played football but we had some pretty good basketball teams, and I still remember we all knew the road to the Championship in Harrisburg was always through New Castle because every year they were Western Pennsylvania winners.


(New Castle, Pennsylvania)

We hear the word Sustainability, a lot these days. Sustainability this, sustainability that, but in terms of our conversations tonight sustainability is the key to the discussion.

Act for America is a National Organization made up of members of local chapters (Such as Act for America, Pittsburgh) who’s primary interest and objective is the protection and preservation of American Communities in the United States under the rights, privileges, freedoms and laws of the United States Constitution.

As such, we whole-heartedly support all American communities, such as New Castle, and the surrounding county and township that are looking for answers to the question of sustainability in these times of social and cultural change.

So, I am here this evening, as a Pastor, Public School teacher, and W. PA Patriot to give you a national perspective on this issue of the sustainability of American Communities, like yours.

So sustainability, what is it in this context, tonight? It is the ability of our local American communities to maintain and continue to use the homegrown resources of the people of their towns for the benefit of the next generations.

Act for America, being a national organization of hundreds of grassroots chapters and 750,000 members from all over our country, have Chapter Leaders, like myself, who are daily kept aware of, and informed of current issues and trends that are now threatening the life-styles and values of American Communities, such as yours.

Therefore, from my experience with Act for America since that infamous day of 9/11, I have come to learn that the greatest threat, today, to the sustainability of our American Communities all across the country is the out side influence of: non-local, state and federal bureaucracies, and privately funded foreign organizations and agencies like the UN that are organizing large-scale international migrations of people into the United States against our laws and not for our community benefit. This is more commonly done through our US State Department in the form of refugee re-settlement programs. Targeting American Communities that have become financially venerable and find themselves where you are today, this evening.

For Example: When a non-PA-resident (Muhammad Asif) or non-profit corporation, becomes a potential buyer of a valuable resource of this community like The Youth Development Center and then never submits to the State of PA a formal written plan for the use of the grounds and building within this community, this forces the local residents to wonder, about that.

What are their plans for a huge million-dollar facility of 145 acres, and 13 buildings, a swimming pool, gymnasium, cafeteria, infirmary, dorms, a school and an athletic field? And considering the size and nature of the facility under discussion here, and also examining the current business model and the experience of HIRA the potential buyer, HIRA has always been a human services provider and not a manufacturing business. The fact that HIRA has only two full time employees Muhammad Asif and Abdul Basit working out of an apartment in Newark, New Jersey, with a total gross business income for the past four year, (according to the IRS), of $50,000 a year. What plausible plan can they have for New Castle? HIRA does however have experience with the Federal Government, specifically the FCC, in acquiring money grants for their religious based schools. But have they ever manufactured one product. HIRA publicizes themselves as a consulting firm. Is this the business model and business experience needed for sustainability in this American Community of Western Pennsylvania?

Without telling the State or us their plan we are now forced (in defense) to speculate about their plans for us. Based on HIRA’s personnel President and Vice President, based on their alleged experience from their present business and who they say they are as a business model, HIRA may be primed and ready for another plan that I see happening all over our country. A Refugee Re-settlement Center. A refugee resettlement center is a far more foreseeable, and highly more likely an option for HIRA Learning Service of North America, in light of the national current trends of our country of similar organizations.

Therefore, guided by logic, reason and intelligence gathering one obvious conclusion must be considered -a temporary or permanent refugee, family living facility. This is the kind of plan you must be prepared for in your community. But is this very plausible plan for this valuable resource, the Youth Development Center, sustainable for this community in this time in your history? My advice is, NO

NO, especially considering that any private non-prophet organization or business like HIRA can easily become what is called a resettlement “contractor” for the United Nations and the Federal State Department. If so, will they sustain the YDC as a community resource or will a huge financial burden shortly fall on this community. In light of the reality that in one year all federal funding ends for each refugee, the welfare of the refugee then rests singularly on the local community that must then provide for all their needed assistance such as: unemployment benefits, disability benefits, welfare, food stamps, emergence health care, public education, professional language translators, child care and anything else needed for the refugees. Communities through out the USA have found that this is an unsustainable burden that leads to the further break down of the indigenous community, resulting in higher taxes and other numerous economic problems.

Nation wide media news reports, surveys, and government statistical reports from across the country have published facts revealing that all communities with re-settlement refugee facilities have dramatic increases in the crime rates (especially rape), and 80% of these refugees remain on governmental assistance even after 10 years. Despite the political disclaimers, these refugees are not properly vetted when entering settlement in our communities, carry previously eradicated communicable diseases, and 60% of these refugees do not believe in American Laws for American Courts. Also, these refugees from the Middle Eastern Countries have openly expressed a lack of desire to assimilate into our American communities.

And because these refugees are guaranteed a fast track to U.S. citizenship, within two years the demographic voting patterns of communities have quickly shifted in legislative districts having re-settlement centers.

I would like to conclude with a down to earth personal example, of an older lady named Loretta Brady who wrote an article about the refugee resettlement in her town of Utica NY, a town very similar in history to New Castle and Duquesne. She said, “I’m from Utica, a faded industrial town, and now, I must say to myself, my hometown is gone.” “My hometown is gone.”

Sold to a business-oriented owner, The Youth Detention Center could become a valuable self-sustainable, manufacturing; job-creating tax-based asset or it could become an unsustainable drain hole on the already limited recourses of this community.

But with a realistic plan, American Sustainability can Make New Castle Great Again. God Bless you and God Bless the USA

The Reverend Bruce R. Leonatti





French Public Schools promote Islam in their Textbooks.

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The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the jihad terror group Hamas;

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Video: Robert Spencer on CAIR’s ties to Hamas

CAIR of Pittsburgh tells Pittsburghers they are Embarrassing Americans.

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In a recent article published by http://www.PublicSource.org, a publication based in Pittsburgh, executive director of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, Wasi Mohamed said Wednesday that, “People are going to look back in history and be embarrassed that this was a part of American history,” So, this Muslim just told Pittsburghers that they are embarrassing to him. Americans are embarrassing for criticizing Muslim immigration and Mayor Peduto’s Muslim Syrian Refugee program. NOT IN AMERICA!

Well, Mr. Mohamed. You have just demonstrated your lack of understanding of American Freedom of Speech. “Both Mohamed and Khwaja emphasized American values, including tolerance.” Where is there tolerance in the Islamic World, especially when it comes to freedom of speech? NO, Criticism of Islam allowed.

“Mohamed said, “adding that becoming isolated is the worst thing the Islamic community can do.” What about the no-go zones all over Europe populated by Syrian refugees? Isolation is a pattern in Muslim communities, breeding terrorism.

Mohamed is practicing Taqiyya. Taqiyya is Islamic lying. Taqiyya is taught from the Quran and the Hadith as a Muslim defensive practice.

“In reference to Trump’s campaign pledges, promising to ban Muslims, audience members asked how the Islamic community in Pittsburgh would respond.

Mohamed said he would be angry if a politician tried to impose anti-Islamic laws in the city, but said he’s not worried because “Pittsburgh would never like that person.” CAIR is a non-prophet organization and is prohibited by law to endorse or condemn specific candidates.

Excuse me,

Shariah Law is anti-American. Muslims are always imposing Shariah anti-Christian and Jew laws all over the world. This is HYPOCRACY at its height. Christian & Jews cannot step a foot in Mecca. ISLAM IS UN-AMERICAN

MUSLIM MACHETE MADNESS coming to Pittsburgh

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Last week in Columbus, Ohio, only 180 miles from Pittsburgh, but only a few months from now, the same MUSLIM MACHETE MADNESS will be arriving in our town.

A Muslim refugee from Somalia attacked patrons at a restaurant owned by a Christian Arab Israeli in Columbus, Ohio. Reports identify the attacker, who entered the Nazareth Mediterranean Restaurant with a machete and began slashing people, as a Somali man Mohammad Barry. Karen Bass, told CBS News. “There was a man on the floor bleeding, there was blood on the floor. It was awful. It was just carnage.” Four people were wounded in the machete attack, one critically.

This was the direct result of the dumping of over 2,000 Somali refugees into the city of Columbus Ohio in the past five years. When Mayor Peduto dumps just as many Syrian Refugees in our town, there will be the same result in Pittsburgh. Plus: Rapes.

Islam, The Religion of Pieces (Series 1, Part 4)

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Toilet paper


Islam is NOT a Religion of PEACE, but a Religion of PIECES.

Like pieces of ancient greek manuscripts used as toilet paper during the Arabic conquest of Egypt in 639AD. Caliph Omar sent a letter to his general, Amr ibn al-‘Aç, who had taken the city of Alexandria. A letter instructing that all the books in the Great Library be destroyed. For, “if the writings of these Greeks agree with the book of God, they are useless and need not be preserved. If they disagree, they are pernicious and ought to be destroyed.” General Amr followed his orders and reputedly took the books to the bathhouses of Alexandria to be used as fuel for heating the water, and toilet paper, where it is said that it took six months to destroy them. From then until now millions of copies of the Bible have be destroyed by Muslims.

So whenever you hear Muslim PEACE, think Muslim PIECES.


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Islam is NOT a Religion of PEACE, but a Religion of PIECES.

Islam, like the pieces of a hidden puzzle, it is forbidden to be assembled by Non-Muslims into the BIG WORLD HISTORY PICTURE. For if, the 1400 year old big picture were seen; it would be so frightening that Americans would be awakened to the great Islamic lie of the 21st. and 22nd. Centuries. Islam is not a religion of peace; it is a Religion of Terror, War, Slavery, and Domination.

So Whenever you hear Muslim PEACE, think Muslim PIECES.