An Email Question about Pastors

We received an email questioning why there are so few pastors and ministers speaking out against Islamic Jihad.  There are many answers to that question.

Pastors of very large churches are too consumed with daily ministries to take on this special mission.

Liberal ministers have fallen to the ecumenical teaching that all religions are good.

Weak shepherds are afraid of the reaction of their members to a strong stand against a religious group.

Pastors and congregations do not want to become targets of the media or members of the community.

Pacifist ministers falsely think that opposing Islamic Jihad would lead to religious wars.

Christian seminaries do not teach the truth about Islam because it is so shockingly evil and cruel.

Some National Christian Denominations Organizations promote the lie that Islam is rooted in the Old Testament. These Christians Organizations have signed a statement called the Common Word. ( see “Common Word” at )

If you have an opinion about this question, please make a comment or send an email.


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