No Pork in Public Schools

A clear sign that Islam has moved to another level of civilization jihad in a city or town is the ilimination of all pork products in the Public School’s food program.

As ( The Muslim capital of North America ) Dearborn, MI goes, so goes the United States:

Starting in February 2001, Dearborn Public Schools began accepting proposals from halal food distributors to provide food to its 28 public schools. Halal foods are those that are ritually acceptable to Muslims. Bob Cipriano, the district’s business manager told the New York Times, “The whole point is to give foods they can eat, so they’re nourished and can function in the classroom.” Eight years earlier, Dearborn schools banned pork from their lunches to accommodate Muslim dietary guidelines.

This is well and good, but who looks out for non-Muslim students that are forced to submit to NEW accommodations that are being made to a religious group that is being educated at taxpayer expense in a public school? Isn’t this a violation of the separation of church and state? Would a Muslim country make such accommodations for non-Muslim students attending a state-supported school?

Article taken from the 6th Column


The next things to be banned in Public Schools are: Porky Pig, Piggy Banks, “The Three Little Pig”, and “Animal Farm”. No more football because that involves a pig skin. Send us your banned things list on the road to cultural jihad.


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