Book List Page, A New Book

Sharia Law for Non-Muslims,

By Bill Warner, Center for the Study of Political.     You will learn a ton from this site.

This selection is the opposite of our first book, which was a more personal and emotional account of the evils of Radical Islamic Jihad.  Like a pocket manual, our second selection will give you the basics for understanding Muslims and Islam.  I would call this book, “Islam for dummies.” Again, this was one of my first books.  Some topics of this book are the following.  What is Sharia? Women, The Kafir, Jihad, Dhimmi, The Quran, and Slavery,

Believe me, reading this book will make you 95% more knowledgeable then anyone in your neighborhood. Most Muslims in 3rd world countries cannot read the Quran. 80% of Muslims who recite the Quran in prayer do not understand the language they are hearing or speaking.  But that does not matter because just lip-syncing is good enough for Allah.


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