Islamic Plan to Destroy Freedom of Speech

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has a plan to destroy America’s freedom of speech.  The OIC is made up of 57 Islamic nations who are in cooperation with each other to manipulate the United Nations into imposing a speech gag upon the United States and the world in the form of UN Resolution 16/18.

To accomplish this end, several lies must be lifted to the level of truth in worldviews.  This summary is drawn from a presentation by Debra Weiss that was web-casted on 3-12-2013 in cooperation with Act for American.

  1. Criticism of Islam is a form of racism.
  2. Anyone who opposes Islam is Islamophobic
  3. Defamation is any negative statement about Islam
  4. Opposing Islam is the greatest threat to world peace.
  5. Sharia Law does not violate human rights.
  6. Islam is a victim of western prejudice.
  7. The burden of criminality rests on the person who speaks out, and not upon the person who reacts to what is spoken.  This is a consequence-based test, and not a content-based test of criminality.  Legal Courts of the United States have always used the content-based test for criminality in freedom of speech cases.

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