Islamic Terrorist Plan for Schools

Contemplate for a moment the frightening implications of this terrorism threat assessment, described in an intelligence presentation in a Washington Examiner article on September 1, 2012:
Terrorists are preparing to attack American schools.
Al Qaeda operatives have been videotaped practicing school takeovers and issuing commands in English.
Scouting of potential targets has already occurred.
The “dress rehearsal” for such attacks occurred in Beslan, Russia in 2004, when 172 children were killed.
The terrorist planners appear to be targeting middle schools. Why? Because the girls are old enough to rape but the boys aren’t big enough to fight back.
Schools have very little security—or none at all. Recall what happened at the Sandy Hook school.
One of the ways terrorist attacks are foiled is when citizens spot something suspicious and contact the appropriate authorities.

This is precisely what happened in 2010, when three ACT! for America chapter leaders, working together across three states, exposed a potential jihadist they had come across online, and reported him to the FBI.

While we can’t publicize other details, this isn’t the only time an ACT! for America member helped prevent a potential terrorist attack.

This is one of the overlooked benefits of ACT! for America’s citizen action network—eyes and ears across America, and even in countries around the world.

The larger our citizen action network gets, the more eyes and ears there are out there.


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