Latest Act Meet-Up Feedback

Last evening at the Westmoreland County Conservative Coalition, five Act Pittsburgh Friends and Members came together for common interests and personal encouragement. At the meeting, I spoke to the entire group about the Act Pittsburgh Blog being developed. After the meeting, many expressed their appreciation for my explanation of the aspects of “the blog” in terms of reaching out to more people and especially the younger generations.

Three examples: A blog is a 21st century version of the 1940’s phone party line. [Phone your grandmother, and ask her what that was.]. A blog is like a grocery store billboard. [Take a tab that is interesting, and leave the others that are not.] A blog is like a cyber-libray, but open 24/7. [A library will not call you when they get new book, but a blog will email alert you upon a new post.] The Blog is to walls and chairs meetings, as the newspaper was to the town crier, as the radio was to the newspaper, as the internet was to T.V., as the cell phone is to land lines. [When was the last time you saw a phone booth?] The Organizational Blog is an interactive meeting place without confined space or restricted times. Of course, the down side of a Blog is the lack of personal contact. The Meet-Up is intended to fill that necessary need. Let us know, if you are planning to attend a political meeting, and we will encourage an Act Meet-Up at your event.

Your feedback about this direction for Act Pittsburgh will be welcomed and appreciated.

“Just trying to widen the circle and preach beyond the choir.”


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