Baggage Drop: Act Airlines, Flight 93, Pittsburgh is calling for an email, opinion, baggage drop to fight Islamic Jihad in our American Public Schools. An Act Airlines baggage drop is an email drop of opinions to a person of interest needing input and feedback about the truth of stealth, educational, Islamic Jihad in their corner of America.

A heads-up friend of Act Pittsburgh sent us a comment containing the email address of a Superintendent of Schools allowing CSCOPE materials to be used in their districts’s teaching curriculum. CSCOPE is anti-American & anti-Christian. Our Act friend saw our post about a CSCOPE test question being used that was anti-American. Maybe, you saw his comment? We want to thank this Act Airlines passenger by dropping an email load of opinion baggage on the Superintendent of the School District involved. Dr. Carol Moffett:

Sample email:
Dear Dr. Carol Moffett,

I am deeply saddened that you have allowed -CSCOPE- slanted Islamic propaganda to enter into the materials being used in the classrooms of the children in your district. The whole nation is watching you. We hope you will correct this violation of our trust of you as citizen of the United States.

Respectfully yours,

(add your name)

Our grateful thanks to the alert, action minded Act Pittsburgh friend that tipped us off to this way of taking action to fight Islamic Jihad. If you would like more background about what is being taught about 9/11 in American Textbooks: got to search 9/11 or 9/11 in Textbooks for additional articles with commentary. Also, google CSCOPE for more background.


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