Interfaith Dialog, Islamic Gateway Drug

A gateway drug is a drug that opens the door to other more dangerous addictive drugs. The gateway drug is seductive because it appears to be less frightening than the following, more powerful drugs. Narkos is the Greek root word used to construct the word narcotic. Narkos literally means to numb, to make insensitive, or frozen.

Interfaith dialogue with Muslims is a gateway drug to the final narcotic called Dimmitude.

At his first introduction of Islam to the world, Muhammad began interfaith dialogue with the Jews and Christians of Mecca and Medina. Muhammad wanted to convince the Jews and Christians that Islam had a common ancestry in the Old and New Testaments. After ten unsuccessful years of dialogue, Muhammad ended this dialogue over this issue when the Jews and Christians refused to agree with his premise. They would not become users of his gateway drug.

However, in other places and other times, weaker Jews and weaker Christians sometimes agreed to Muhammad’s common origin with Islam. Let’s call this gateway drug, religious Marijuana. When this happened, those Jews and Christians became hooked, numb, insensitive, and frozen, with the gateway drug of interfaith dialogue. Therefore, once being numb and insensitive under the first drug, the next drug was the addiction to the second premise that Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are the same. Let’s call that addiction to that lie, Heroin. And the final Islamic drug is the addiction to the premise that Islam is the final replacement and fulfillment to Judaism and Christianity. Let’s call this Crack-Cocaine.

Once this progression of addiction is completed both Jew and Christian are living in the State of Dimmitude. Total submission to Islam.

Remember this when you hear about Muslim Interfaith Dialogue in your community, it is the gateway to Islamic Jihad.

For more information about Dimmitude, go to: .
Search: Dimmitude, Dimmie, The Common Word


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