Interfaith Islamic “lie -a- log”

“If his lips are moving, he’s lying!”

“In other words, in any attempt to conduct an interfaith dialogue, Muslim participation should be discouraged because of the mockery Muslims always make of such a discussion. If allowed to speak, there must be people there who are willing and able to challenge and refute the Muslim lies with easy-verifiable facts.”

Our thanks and all credit to: Bare Naked Islam:

commentary: Interfaith Dialogue with Muslims is an intellectual trap. No one can have dialogue with a liar. Any true dialogue is built on honesty. Muslims are taught from the Quran that Holy Lying (taqiyya) to non-Muslims is permitted. A Muslim participates in religious dialogue for the purpose of converting non-Muslims into Muslims. Also, the dialogue is a formal warning to the non-Muslim. The Quran teaches that a non-Muslim must be invited to believe in Islam before they can be conquered, enslaved or killed. Islamic Dialogue is a one-way street for all of the above reasons. It is a set-up. Only weak non-Muslims will even enter into Islamic Dialogue. I once participated in an Islamic Dialogue, and it became clear quickly that the purpose of the Muslims present was this -confuse, lie, divide and conquer. There must be a person present that knows the truth and can defend the truth or more harm will be done than good. A lie unchallenged becomes the truth. A great website that does this is

For more commentary search:
Search: Lying, Taqiyya


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