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Battle Fields of Islamic Jihad

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Battle Fronts of Islamic Jihad are in your neighborhoods.

Local: Contact us. Your are our eyes and ears.

  1. Inner City Neighborhoods (Dysfunctional communities ripe for Sharia)
  2. Universities (Islamic Studies Departments indoctrinating future teachers)
  3. Public School Textbooks (Lies about the history of Islam, guest Islamic speakers)
  4. Interfaith Dialogue Conferences (Dis-information, hidden agenda, redacted Qurans)
  5. Theological Seminaries (Islamist professors in camouflage)
  6. News Papers, T.V. (Politically correct slanting of content and editing)
  7. Prisons (Muslim Chaplins promoting radical Islam)
  8. Mosques, Cultural Centers (Courses that radicalize the ignorant)
  9. Charter Schools (Seed beds for home grown terrorists)
  10. Islamic Organizations, (CAIR, MSA propaganda outlets for media)
  11. Internet Islamic Websites (Islamic “Dawah” evangelism)
  12. Libraries (Slanted, biased  materials)
  13. Teacher Training Workshops (Provide distorted Islamic lesson plans)
  14. Hospitals (Special in hospital accommodations for Muslim doctors)
  15. Welfare Fraud (Unemployment, Disability, and Child Welfare Fraud)