Islam, The Perfect Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is the perfect analogy for Islam.


The microwave replaced the pressure cooker in modern societies, because the microwave oven increased the speed of cooking food items. Before the microwave, the pressure cooker used pressure from heat to increase temperature over a shorter period of cooking time. In third world countries, the pressure cooker is still a popular cooking utensil. This is why it has become a favorite terrorist devise in those countries. You can buy a pressure cooker in the market, and no one asks any questions. Just as pressure cookers increase cooking, in the hands of a terrorist, they also intensify a small amount of explosive into devastating destruction.

How a pressure cooker works is important to the analogy. I have used a pressure cooker. They are dangerous even in domestic use. Many have exploded on stoves and killed people. Food is packed tightly into a pressure cooker. The lid is tightly sealed -sometimes with screws. (See above) Heat is increased to the highest possible level. The critical combination is: Heat, Pressure, and Confinement. But pressure cookers do have safety valves. A small pressure sensitive valve is place in a hole in the lid. Set at a few measures before the explosion point, the valve is intended to blow off and prevent the cooker from ripping apart. But lack of maintenance and attention, can prevent the valve from functioning as designed, and cause an excessive build up of heat leading to explosion.

The Analogy:  Islam is a religion that promotes the packing of its followers into confined areas. Muslims do not assimilate into a host culture. Under the pressure of Sharia Law, the heat of submission to Allah increases. Normal societal pressure release valves such as alcohol, and entertainment are prohibited. Acting out the intensity and pressure of their religion, individual terrorists become the religious pressure valves that blow off in separate violent attacks upon the host society. Arab Springs and Islamic Revolutions symbolize the whole cooker exploding within another form of government, unacceptable to Allah. Societal lack of attention through political correctness will always result in these terrorist explosions within a culture.


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