Islamic Mosque, Incubator for Terrorists

mosque incubator

According to Erick Stakelbeck in his book The Terrorist Next Door, the mosque has been discovered to be the incubator for Muslim terrorists. American Islamic Mosques have been radicalized over the past few decades. All Muslim terrorists have at some time worshiped at their local mosques. There they find books, DVDs, and other radical materials to fuel their jihadist desires. Mosques are considered churches by the IRS, so financial transactions of money for terrorism are also laundered through the local mosques. A mosque may be called a Cultural Center, but in reality it is a still mosque. Some terrorists spend a great deal of time on the internet, some pass through terrorist camps hidden in rural areas, but all of them at some time or another attend the local mosque. Many foreign terrorists are recruited in American mosques. Sam Solomon in his book The Mosque Exposed, states that the mosque is the school, the court, the training center, the gathering place, the social center, and the defacto incubator for Muslim terrorists. Like an incubator, they appear to be innocent from the outside, but the mosque is the culture that grows the sleeper cells of terrorists.

American Islamic mosques are built and funded by Saudi money. Almost entirely, Saudi Arabia holds the titles and deeds of American mosques. Radical Imams or clerics are then sent to these mosques to preach (Wahhabism). This is what we see as radical Islam. But what the media calls radical Islam is really only fundamental Islam. In common language, radical Islam is just simple back-to-basics. Many in the west are hoping for a reformation in Islam, but that is what is actually happening, already. A mosque may be moderate when a visiting Imam arrives. But within a short time that cleric convinces the members of the mosque that they need to go back to the founding faith of Muhammad. A reformation like that then becomes a radicalization of the entire mosque. Moderate Muslims fail against these clerics because they cannot win against the fact that in the original Islamic writings they discover that Muhammad was a radical Muslim.

All this is kept undercover and inactive until a zealous young member pops up and becomes so radicalized that they begin calling for real jihad –terrorism. The older of the Boston bombers was such a mosque member. So much so, that the mosque that he attended was embarrassed by his cries for jihad that they asked him to no longer attend prayers. This then drives the true follower of Muhammad to acting out his beliefs in real deeds of terrorism.

The mosque is an incubator of terrorism. It is only a matter of time before a terrorist is hatched from his shell into American Society.

Mosque that Boston suspects attended has radical ties


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