New Flight 93 Student Handbook ????

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What is in the the new Flight 93 Student Handbook? More whitewashing of the evil of Islamic terrorism. It’s coming soon.

A joint project by the National Park Service and the school of education at the University of Pittsburgh is working to develop a Junior Ranger Handbook for children ages 6 to 12 to understand what happened at the 2,200-acre memorial site.Read more:

We don’t know what is in this latest booklet, but let’s examine what has already been written to be taught to our children. The Flight 93 National Memorial now has three booklets for younger children, older children and parents for their children.

Following the typical example of the Islamic whitewashing in American Public School Textbooks, not one of these words is found in the above booklets: terrorist, Islamist, Muslim. But here is an example of the “mush” that was put into the Parent Guide for Children. “Children might naturally ask, “Why would someone do this? Why did it happen?” You might want to say something like, “Some people wanted to hurt others, and the brave passengers and crew tried to stop it.” If your child asks why someone would want to hurt others, you can say that nobody knows for sure. Some people who are angry don’t know any other way to handle those feelings. Let your child know that it’s important for everyone to find ways to deal with their feelings without hurting anyone. “ This is laughable and shameful.

The terrorist of Flight 93, were cold, calculating murders that had no justification for any anger except for the hate promoted by their religion –Islam.  How about this answer for your child. Muslim men who were at war with our country tried to use an airplane filled with innocent people to kill hundreds of American citizens. We know exactly why they did their evil deed, and talking about these men dealing with feelings is a sugar coating of an inexcusable action. Seriously, was this booklet pre-approved as Sharia compliant by the local Pittsburgh CAIR organization.

Learn more: go to and search 9/11 in Textbooks to find out how this pattern of whitewashing is also being used in American History Textbooks.


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