Terrorists a Minority of Muslims, Debunked


“The terrorists are just a minority of Muslims” is an argument that often bewilders those who know that that is not the truth. Apologists for Islam use this argument so often that it must be addressed. Here is an analogy everyone can understand and use to debunk this fallacy.

This is a story about a desert mouse and a scorpion. A mouse finds himself cornered by a scorpion. The Scorpion says to the mouse, “do not be afraid of me, I am peaceful.” There is only this one tiny, small part of me that is dangerous –my tail. So keep your eye on me and not on my tail because that is just a minority of me. The mouse listens to the scorpion long enough for the tail to kill the mouse.

Many naive people are like that mouse. They quote John Esposito’s book, The Islamic Threat, in which the author states; “The demonization of a great religious tradition due to the perverted actions of a minority of dissident and distorted voices remains the real threat.” This book is often found in Public School libraries along with his other bias history books about Islam.

Recent surveys and polls have shown that a majority of Muslims support violent jihad to advance Islam in the world. Those who act out that violence may be a minority, but the tail is still connected to the body, which has the same intentions in mind. “It’s a minority” is a trick argument to keep your eye on the body and not on the tail. They are connected, and have the same desired outcome. Your death, if you do not convert to Islam.


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