Coptic Christians Need Support


It is time for Christians to stand together! Christians and their churches are being killed and destroyed in Egypt for no reason other than the fact that they are Christians. With the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood, the hatred that has been directed toward Christians for centuries has been rekindled with no end in sight.

 The article (URL below) written by Craig Smith in the August 22, 2013 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that demonstrates an act of Christian fellowship that can be duplicated by every Christian who is willing to give of a small amount of time. While the Coptic Christians at the Ambridge, Pennsylvania church were discussing alternatives to aid their counterparts in Egypt, the Reverend Michael Kochis, pastor at nearby St. Vladmir Ukrainian Orthodox Church said he wanted to be a part of the Coptic efforts. He then said:

“They are our neighbors, we look at the news and it is so real to them. They have   friends and relatives there.   I wanted them to know they are not forgotten .”

This is the challenge that we who profess Christianity need to take during this period when the future of Egypt and Christianity is hanging in the balance. It is critical that as many American Christians as possible be aware of the threat to the Coptic Christians and create an understanding of the centuries-old conflict. All of us have an opportunity by doing two things:

  1. Communicate with your pastors and bishops of all denominations the concern for Egyptian Christians and request that they be remembered at every service until order is restored and Coptic Christians can live in peace. In the words of Reverend Kochis, assure that they …”know they are not forgotten.”
  2. Request of your pastors to include a special prayer for our Coptic Christian brothers and sisters as a part of every service. These people are being persecuted for being Christians!

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