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How to Play the Muslim % Game

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Don’t you get so tired of hearing that only 3% of Muslims are Jihadists. As if that percent excuses the other 97% who support Jihadists with offerings to Allah.

Well, here is a come back for that false argument. Because of our military actions in Muslim countries, Islamists are always calling the American Military terrorists. But if we compare the percentages, only .5% of all Americans are in the military.

Therefore, the percentage of Muslims involved in military actions all over the world is over three times higher than that of ours.

Do the math. 3% of 1.5 Billion Muslims is 45 million Jihadists. There are now only 1.5 million active U.S. military personnel.

Don’t fall for the Muslim percentage game. But if you play the game, play to win.


Columbus Day Silenced

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Not a word was mentioned in the Pittsburgh Trib today about Columbus Day.

Here is an article that will tell you why:

By Citizen Warrior:

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. We all know the New World was discovered because Christopher Columbus was looking for a trade route to the East.

But why was he looking for a trade route? Because during its second great jihad, Islam had invaded Central Asia and defeated Constantinople in 1453, cutting off the overland route for Europeans. Islamic armies continued their jihad northward, and conquered much of what is now Eastern Europe, until they were finally stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1529 (on September 11th).

Columbus is Politically and Culturally incorrect Today.