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You Christians, Convert to Islam, Leave, or Die

Posted in Act for America, Act Pittsburgh, Commentary, Terrorism on July 24, 2014 by thehelperthatabidesforever


The City of Mosul once had 5,000 Christians. but as ISIS invaded Iraq, all but two hundred Christians fled the town.

At first the Islamists demanded that the remaining Christians convert to Islam or pay the jizya tax. (50% of their income). But then they realized that would take to long to collect, and they might need an accountant, so the Muslims then demanded that the Christians leave Mosul. Then they could just steal their all their property, and on the way out of town, as the Christians passed check points, the Muslims took everything they were carrying.

So in the end, these thugs (needing booty to survive, with no real jobs besides being terrorists) got 100% of what the Christians owned. By the way, this violates Islamic Law established by the Treaty of Omar in 828 AD.

In addition the Muslims burned down a Christian Church built 1600 years ago. Again, Islam is NOT the religion of peace and tolerance.

FACT: Arabic numerals are not Arabic. They were an innovation of the Persians who also were also invaded by Muslims and told to get out of their towns.