Pittsburgh’s Prayer-Peace Rally with CAIR

Bosch Fawstin

August 6th at Noon there will be prayers at Point State Park for peace in the Middle East. Christians, Muslims, and Jews are being asked to attend. The Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR along with other Christian and Jewish organizations are sponsoring and participating in the event.

CAIR was a co-conspiritor in the Holy Hand Foundation’s illegal funding of Hamas terrorist activities in Palestine. It then seems strange that CAIR would be praying for peace in the Middle East, unless you understand that “peace” in Islam is total submission to the will of Allah by all infidels, “non-Muslims.”

Muhammad called on all Muslims to fight, fight, fight forever until all is Islam. Muhammad accused Muslims who cried for peace of being worse then unbelievers, “hypocrites.” Are CAIR’s Muslim members hypocrites or are their prayers for peace together with Christians and Jews a practice in the deception of Taqiyya, “Islamic holy lying?”

Christians and Jews who pray with CAIR’s today are dhimmies, “People of the Book under Islam’s control.”

Don’t be Fooled, again.


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