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Japan Knows an Evil Military Religion when they see One

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The official policy of Japan is not to give citizenship to Muslims.

Japan has had for years a anti-Muslim immigration policy. Japan learned from Emperor Hirohito that a combination of Religion and Militarism (Shintoism) is a suicidal combination for a country and evil for the people of the world.

Islam is a Militaristic Religion of the same deadly nature. With the capture and beheading of Japanese nationals by ISIS, Japan is now revisiting a chapter in their history. They have learned from history and know religious evil when they see it.

Read Mein Kemp and you will see in his own words that Nazism is a Militaristic Religion. Mein Kemp reads like the Quran, but Hitler was far more more literate.

History Repeats, let us now learn for it. Japan did !!!!!!!!


Muslims are Colonizing America with our Help

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Many species of creatures –including humans- survive by colonization. Colonization is the concentration of a type for the protection and increase of their kind. For example, when isolated, viruses in small numbers are less dangerous to the health of the host. But they are lethal after they form a large active colony.

Muslims are the same. Isolated and spread over a wide population, Muslims assimilate and eventually become Americanized. But when Muslims concentrate in a small area, their “Umma” colony soon becomes radicalized and assimilation is prevented. Dearborn, MI is a Shia Middle Eastern Colony. Muslim residents have formed a colony there in order to become a country within a country. They have no intention of assimilating, and many in these colonies wish to over throw or become separate from the U.S. Government. The implementation of Sharia Law is all part of the colonization process. Islamic courts are another way of nurturing these colonies.

When the U.S. State Department purposely brings into the U.S. up to 3,000 Muslims at a time and plants them together in towns across America, they have sociologically helped set up a Muslim colony.

American Liberals have for years cast quilt on Western Civilization for its colonization of the world, but they forget that the Islamic Caliphates of Bagdad and Istanbul colonized Europe and Spain for 700 years. That’s 400 years longer than any British or Spanish colonies. In fact, The Ottoman Empire holds the World History record for the number of years of the colonization of other lands.

Muslim colonization of America has begun, and if not stopped soon, it will divide our nation into –as Obama in error, or maybe prophetically, once said- The 57 States of America.

Why Islam Creates Monsters, by Dr Nicolai Sennels

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“The religious, cultural and psychological cocktail of anger, low self-esteem, victim mentality, a willingness to be blindly guided by outer authorities, and an aggressive and intolerant view toward non-Muslims, forced upon Muslims through pain, intimidation and mind-numbing repetitions of the Quran’s almost countless verses promoting hate and violence against non-Muslims, is the reson why Islam creates monsters.

Criticism, no matter how true, is seen as an attack on one’s honor, and it is expected that the honor is restored by using whatever means necessary to silence the opponent.

Muslims almost never attempt to counter criticism with logical arguments; instead, they try to silence the criticism by pretending to be offended or by name-calling, or by threatening or even killing the messenger.

By Dr Nicolai Sennels a Danish psychologist who studied young Muslims in Copenhagen, Denmark.

American Sniper still hitting the target

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American Sniper

All the Muslim front groups are up in arms about the box-office success of the “American Sniper.” The best American War Hero Movie since the 1940’s.

They are crying out that the movie will create hate and hostility toward Muslims in America. And they are demanding that the movie be taken out of theaters across the United States. But finally, Americans are seeing on the big screen what they always knew was the real story of the war on Islamic terror in Iraq.

These Muslims are joined by their allies (Hollywood liberals) who are trying to discredit the movie as racist, islamophobic, and hate filled. Some are even calling the American Sniper a murderer. But if you have seen the movie, as I have, you would call it The American Defender. There is far less graphic violence in American Sniper than in your standard “R rated for violence” movie or any of the most popular war video games.

These Muslims are just upset because it shows the true nature of the evil of Islamic Jihad where it is playing out in real life.

Is Dearborn, MI becoming the U.S.’s 1st “no-go” zone?

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Dearborn Arab Festival

Dearborn, Michigan now has the largest single concentration of Arab Muslims in North America. There are 32,000 Arab Muslims from Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq living in East Dearborn, making up almost 1/3 of the population. In some districts it is common to see store signs and billboards written in Arabic. Dearborn is also the home of the Arab American National Museum.

The Islamic Centre of America in Dearborn, a Shi’a mosque frequented mostly by Lebanese Muslims, is the largest mosque in the US.

Dearborn Muslims have attempted to implement Sharia Law (anti-free religious speech) at their summer Arab Festival. But a Detroit judge awarded over $100,000 in attorney’s fees (and a large private settlement) in the case of a Christian missionary George Saieg, who (along with three other Christian missionaries) were attacked and arrested by Dearborn Police at the festival. Publicly speaking about Jesus across the street from the Festival, the four Christians were arrested and spent the night in jail and were accused of “breaching the peace.” All four were found innocent on all charges.

Judge for yourself, if East Dearborn, MI is becoming the U.S.’s first official “no-go” zone.

Also Search: Dearborn Muslims, Sharia Law, Dearborn Muslims Stone Christians

The 1st. Victims of Islamic Terrorism are always their own Muslim Children

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ISIS soldiers executed 13 teenage boys for watching a soccer game. The teens were rounded up and executed in public using machine guns. Their ‘crimes’ were read out on loudspeaker in the street in Mosul, Iraq. Their parents are too afraid to collect their bodies, local activists report…. by the Daily

Don’t cry Muhammad, liberals forgive You

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Pasris Peace Rally

Soon after the International Anti-terrorism Rally in Paris, the above liberal, multicultural heads of state were marching in support of Islam in their individual countries. Under the media radar.

When the Islamic terrorists killed 12 liberal newspaper reports in Paris, they crossed the unwritten code of hidden mutual support. You know, “The enemy (Islam) of my enemy (Conservatism) is my friend.” So for a day or week, the Liberals were self-righteously angry with Islam. But all is forgiven Muhammad. Now, they are back to supporting Islam in every way they can.

It was all a show to please the masses. When reality (world evil) breaks into the fantasy (world peace) of liberalism, there must always be a display by our leaders of some vain outrage in order to appease the unenlightened man.