Is Dearborn, MI becoming the U.S.’s 1st “no-go” zone?

Dearborn Arab Festival

Dearborn, Michigan now has the largest single concentration of Arab Muslims in North America. There are 32,000 Arab Muslims from Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq living in East Dearborn, making up almost 1/3 of the population. In some districts it is common to see store signs and billboards written in Arabic. Dearborn is also the home of the Arab American National Museum.

The Islamic Centre of America in Dearborn, a Shi’a mosque frequented mostly by Lebanese Muslims, is the largest mosque in the US.

Dearborn Muslims have attempted to implement Sharia Law (anti-free religious speech) at their summer Arab Festival. But a Detroit judge awarded over $100,000 in attorney’s fees (and a large private settlement) in the case of a Christian missionary George Saieg, who (along with three other Christian missionaries) were attacked and arrested by Dearborn Police at the festival. Publicly speaking about Jesus across the street from the Festival, the four Christians were arrested and spent the night in jail and were accused of “breaching the peace.” All four were found innocent on all charges.

Judge for yourself, if East Dearborn, MI is becoming the U.S.’s first official “no-go” zone.

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