American Sniper still hitting the target

American Sniper

All the Muslim front groups are up in arms about the box-office success of the “American Sniper.” The best American War Hero Movie since the 1940’s.

They are crying out that the movie will create hate and hostility toward Muslims in America. And they are demanding that the movie be taken out of theaters across the United States. But finally, Americans are seeing on the big screen what they always knew was the real story of the war on Islamic terror in Iraq.

These Muslims are joined by their allies (Hollywood liberals) who are trying to discredit the movie as racist, islamophobic, and hate filled. Some are even calling the American Sniper a murderer. But if you have seen the movie, as I have, you would call it The American Defender. There is far less graphic violence in American Sniper than in your standard “R rated for violence” movie or any of the most popular war video games.

These Muslims are just upset because it shows the true nature of the evil of Islamic Jihad where it is playing out in real life.


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