Muslims are Colonizing America with our Help


Many species of creatures –including humans- survive by colonization. Colonization is the concentration of a type for the protection and increase of their kind. For example, when isolated, viruses in small numbers are less dangerous to the health of the host. But they are lethal after they form a large active colony.

Muslims are the same. Isolated and spread over a wide population, Muslims assimilate and eventually become Americanized. But when Muslims concentrate in a small area, their “Umma” colony soon becomes radicalized and assimilation is prevented. Dearborn, MI is a Shia Middle Eastern Colony. Muslim residents have formed a colony there in order to become a country within a country. They have no intention of assimilating, and many in these colonies wish to over throw or become separate from the U.S. Government. The implementation of Sharia Law is all part of the colonization process. Islamic courts are another way of nurturing these colonies.

When the U.S. State Department purposely brings into the U.S. up to 3,000 Muslims at a time and plants them together in towns across America, they have sociologically helped set up a Muslim colony.

American Liberals have for years cast quilt on Western Civilization for its colonization of the world, but they forget that the Islamic Caliphates of Bagdad and Istanbul colonized Europe and Spain for 700 years. That’s 400 years longer than any British or Spanish colonies. In fact, The Ottoman Empire holds the World History record for the number of years of the colonization of other lands.

Muslim colonization of America has begun, and if not stopped soon, it will divide our nation into –as Obama in error, or maybe prophetically, once said- The 57 States of America.


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