Japan Knows an Evil Military Religion when they see One


The official policy of Japan is not to give citizenship to Muslims.

Japan has had for years a anti-Muslim immigration policy. Japan learned from Emperor Hirohito that a combination of Religion and Militarism (Shintoism) is a suicidal combination for a country and evil for the people of the world.

Islam is a Militaristic Religion of the same deadly nature. With the capture and beheading of Japanese nationals by ISIS, Japan is now revisiting a chapter in their history. They have learned from history and know religious evil when they see it.

Read Mein Kemp and you will see in his own words that Nazism is a Militaristic Religion. Mein Kemp reads like the Quran, but Hitler was far more more literate.

History Repeats, let us now learn for it. Japan did !!!!!!!!


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