Like ISIS, Muhammad and Ali Burned People Alive

Burned alive

The Hadith tells us that both Muhammad and Ali burned people alive.

As written by Tabari VIII:122 and by Ishaq 515, Muhammad gave orders to torture Kinanah, a Jew. Muhammad believed that Kinanah knew where there was buried money. To get Kinanah, to tell where it was buried, Muhammad gave permission to Zubayr to build a fire on Kinanah’s chest. Zubayr twirled his fire stick on Kinanah’s chest until he was near death. Kinanah had no information about a buried treasure, so Muhammad then had Kinanah beheaded.

In the Hadith, Bukhari: V4B52N260 also records that “Ali burnt some former Muslims alive.”

Do not let Muslims tell you that they do not burn people alive. As usual, that is another lie.

Muhammad instructed Muslims not to burn people with fire because that was Allah’s job in Hell, but that didn’t stop him or Ali. Classic: “Do as I say, not as I do” Muhammad didn’t punish Ali, and Allah didn’t punish Muhammad, so ISIS plans to take the chance that they also will not be punished by Allah.

BTW, The Quran 4:56 teaches Muslims that Allah burns (while alive) the skin of those in Hell, gives them new skin, and then burns their skin again (over and over).


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