The Truth about the Crusades


God”s Battalions by Rodney Stark outlines the truth about the Crusades. 

The Crusades were an unprovoked attack by Europe against he Islamic World. NO The Crusades were a re-capture of conquered lands, and a defense of Christians and Jews of the Holy Land area.

The Crusades were an early example of the West’s predatory imperialism. NO The Crusades were a long over due reaction to the Imperialism of Islam in the Middle East, North Africa, and India.

The Crusades were fought by Westerners who were greedy for gain. NO The Crusaders never came back with treasures, if they came back at all.

The Crusades were fought to convert Muslims to Christianity by force. NO The goal of the Crusaders was the establishment of religious tolerance practiced before the Muslims invades the Holy Lands.

The Crusades established European colonies in the Middle East. NO The Crusaders were in the Holy Lands for 200 years. The Muslims were in Spain for 800 years. Muslims were the greatest Colonialist of the world for1400 years.

The capture of Jerusalem was unique in medieval history and caused Muslim mistrust of the West. No Only unique, if you mean that this was the first and only push back by Christians in the entire Middle ages.

The Muslim leader Saladin was more merciful and magnanimous then the Crusaders. NO They forget to mention the 700 Christian monks that were massacred by Saladin.

Crusades were called against Jews in addition to Muslims. NO Many Jews were killed because the Muslims used them as human shields against the Christians.

The Crusades were bloodier than the Islamic jihads. NO Islam murdered 270 Million people in 1400 years of conquest.

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