Obama, learn the Truth about Muslim Slavery


For 1400 years, Muslims were “the major slave traders” of the world. Christians lead the ending of open world slavery.

Starting with Muhammad, who owned slaves, sold slaves, raped slaves and encouraged his followers to do the same, Muslims financed the spread of Islam using the slave trade business. When American Textbooks teach that Islam spread by “trade,” they omit the word “slave.” Muslims sold slaves to the “white man” who brought them to America. Obama, you are the one on a “high horse” pointing one finger at America, while four fingers are pointing back to Muslims.

Muslims traded over 150 million African male slaves all over the world for centuries -most of whom died of castration performed immediately after their capture or during transport.

Over 100 Million white European slaves were also transported into the Middle East during those 1400 years. To this day, Muslims have slaves and traffic in slaves. Evidence: “ISIS.” The Slavery of non-Muslims is permitted in the Quran, The Hadith, and under Sharia Law.

For documentation of these facts go to: “The Scourge of Muslim Slavery” http://www.truthandgrace.com/muslimslavery.htm or http://www.thehelperthatabidesforever.wordpress.com. Search on that site: Slavery, for several articles and books.


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