Muhammad’s men have been doing this for 1400 years

ISIS Killing Coptics

This style of mass execution has been going on since Muhammad began the practice in 624 when he beheaded 800 men of the Qurayza tribe in Medina, Arabia. Over 800 surrendered men and boys (and at least one woman) from the Qurayza tribe were beheaded by the prophet of Islam in a bloodbath that is of acute embarrassment to today’s Muslim apologists.

Muhammad the prophet of Islam had the men bound with ropes. He dug trenches and then began beheading the captives in batches. Small groups of helpless Jews, who had done no harm to anyone, were brought out and forced to kneel, staring down at the bodies of others before their own heads were lopped off and their bodies were pushed down into the ditch. (Bukhari 58:148) (Qur’an 33:26)

Boys as young as 13 or 14 were executed as well, provided that they had reached puberty. The Muslims ordered the boys to drop their clothes. Those with pubic hair then had their throats cut (Abu Dawud 4390). Muhammad parceled out the widows and surviving children as slaves to his men for sexual servitude and labor.

Whether it be the 4,000 Jews at Granada in 1066, the 100,000 Hindus on a single day in 1399, or the 2.5 million Christian Armenians in the early 1900’s, 270 million people have perished in mass executions at the hands of Islam’s dedicated disciples.

The Evil of the past is back in the present to remind us of the source of all this and warn us of the future. 

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