Obama’s Finger salutes African-Muslim Jihadists Gangs


Obama was caught in a photo giving a well know finger salute to Muslim Jihadist Gangs of Africa.

Obama loves to use finger language to express his inner self. Obama often puts his middle finger up to his face when conservative critics are speaking. But this time, at the U.S. African Conference his fingers were saluting support for African-Muslim Jihadists Gangs that are terrorizing Christians and Muslims in Africa.

In the back ground, Muslim African dictators are smiling in recognition of the symbolism of Obama’s salute of support of the Islamic take over of Africa.

Is there any question that there is a Muslim in the White House? “NOPE”

But of course, the American Media will never report this because they cover Obama’s open gestures that reveal that he is at heart a Muslim Islamist. Thanks to the Daily Mail of England we have this record.

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