A Pirate, ISIS Assassin picked the Right Baseball Cap

Pirate Cap

As a camel is often called the ship of the desert, Muhammad was most certainly a desert Pirate. Muhammad participated personally in 26 militia raids on innocent Arab caravans, villages and towns in Arabia. He sent his pirate crew out to raid with another 45 surprise attacks against civilian peoples. As a pirate captain, Muhammad demanded 20% of all booty, and the remainder was distributed among the crew. Taking the 20% of the top, Muhammad would kill anyone who took anything before he had the opportunity to pick the best of the booty, including the most beautiful women to be made into sex slaves. Once after a raid, his crew started eating stolen food from the raid before Muhammad arrived. He had all the food destroyed, as a lesson to his men. If the caravan or town surrendered before a fight, Muhammad took 100% of all booty. He would then distribute to his team the slaves, women, children and booty as benefits for faithful service. ISIS is practicing the same pirate economy even today.

Muhammad’s religion had about 50 followers until he became a pirate. But after two years of raids and the distribution of booty from those raids to whoever would become a Muslim, Muhammad’s pirate crew grew to 10,000. The first centuries of the Islamic religion were financed by traffic in slaves, the result of captured booty. U.S. public school textbook like to teach our children that Islam grew by trade, but they omit the phrase “slave trade.”

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I love my Pittsburgh Pirates. But knowingly or unknowingly this evil ISIS assassin did pick the right baseball cap. Muhammad was a desert pirate. Muhammad raided caravans to steal booty, women, and slaves to finance his mercenary religion. And unfortunately many joined his team as pirates also. Muhammad beheaded 800 Jewish men and boys in one day. ISIS is a bunch of murderous pirates. Say it isn’t so Sammy, but he did pick the right cap.


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