Baby cut head

The purpose for the ceremony is to commemorate the death of Mohammad’s son, Imam Hussein. Many travel to Karbala in Iraq as a pilgrimage on Ashura. Most of the participants don black attire during the ceremony. Many view the ritual as a way to cleanse themselves of their sins. The national holiday is celebrated by thousands annually.

Perhaps even more horrific, they force small children to participate in the psychotic practice, holding them down against their will and cutting them with knives so their blood will flow down their faces and heads.

In Western Civilizations, the faces of boys this age are not permitted to be shown on the TV News, but in Islamic sub-Civilizations young Muslim boys are taught to execute non-Muslims. During the Islamic Ceremony of Ashura commemorating the death of Muhammad’s son, fathers slice their young Muslim boy’s heads with knives and the blood is allowed to pour down their faces. In Islamic nations, young girls are forced to experience genital mutilation. Suicide bombing is considered by Allah to b a holy deed. Beheading your enemy is not cruel and unusual punishment. Crimes punishable by amputation are a commonplace practice under Sharia Law. Islam is not a legitimate religion. It is a CULT OF DEATH.


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