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The Islamic Jihad Shell Game with the World

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shell game 2_1_0

Islam has from the beginning played a shell game of Jihad with the World. Islam is a political ideology (the pea) hidden under religious, cultural, and racial shells. Islam wants to hide the reality that it is primarly a political theocracy, so Islamists cover that pea with a shell of culture, race, and religion. Using the shells, of the politically correct advantages of culture, race, and religion it hides its true identity. Deceiving the multi-culturalist, the politically correct, and the soft bigots. Islamophobia is the name of this shell game.

Islam is a religion. Now, Islam is a culture. Now, Islam is a race. Whatever shell cover it needs to protect itself from the worlds’ close examination at the time, it reveals. But quickly switching shells, it never reveals that it is a political ideology set on world domination.

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Beards and Burkas are enforcement tools of the the Islamic Totalitarian State

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Areeb Ullah with beard

Close-up of young Indian woman wearing burka

Close-up of young Indian woman wearing burka

As of Monday, the young Iraqi’s hopelessly hairless chin could land him in an Islamic State group jail. The jihadist group has handed out leaflets in their stronghold of Mosul in recent weeks announcing that full beards become compulsory on June 1 and explaining why shaving is punishable. Burka’s are already compulsory so this latest Sharia Law covers both male and female Muslims. These Islamic Totalitarian State tools are ways of enforcing Islamic doctrine in all other ways also. All public opposition is effectively removed with the threat of beatings and imprisonment.