The Islamic Jihad Shell Game with the World

shell game 2_1_0

Islam has from the beginning played a shell game of Jihad with the World. Islam is a political ideology (the pea) hidden under religious, cultural, and racial shells. Islam wants to hide the reality that it is primarly a political theocracy, so Islamists cover that pea with a shell of culture, race, and religion. Using the shells, of the politically correct advantages of culture, race, and religion it hides its true identity. Deceiving the multi-culturalist, the politically correct, and the soft bigots. Islamophobia is the name of this shell game.

Islam is a religion. Now, Islam is a culture. Now, Islam is a race. Whatever shell cover it needs to protect itself from the worlds’ close examination at the time, it reveals. But quickly switching shells, it never reveals that it is a political ideology set on world domination.

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