Refugee/Migration Jihad in Muhammad’s Playbooks


Refugee/Migration Jihad in Muhammad’s Playbooks

Causing civil conflict, creating refugees as a result, and spreading them as immigrants to other places is nothing new for Islam. This is a 1400-year-old stratagem called Migration Jihad.

From 610AD to 619AD Muhammad preached Islam in Mecca. At first, largely attracting only slaves as followers with the promise of freedom as Muslims, and creating conflicts between these new converts and the Meccans, Islam spread in the form of fleeing refugees to the City of Medina. When there was a large enough group of these Muslims in Medina, Muhammad himself moved to Medina where he had a pre-established violent minority group ready to support his religion. Among these refugees were assassins that killed any early opposition to Muhammad and Islam in Medina. The three Jewish tribes of Medina foolishly accepted in these refugees that later turned on them with murder, rape, exile and finally Hebrew genocide. By 623AD, there were no living Jews remaining in Medina. 800 beheaded Jews lay buried under the ground of the town market place.

Refugee/Migration Jihad is a lesson from the playbook of Islam. This stratagem is repeating even today in modern history in Europe and America. Muslims create civil war (Syria), flee the conflicts they start, pretend to be innocent refugees to another land, and them become assassins (lone wolves), murders, and rapists, in the country that foolishly welcomed them.


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