Islam is a Wolf Pack Religion with many Lone Wolves

Lone Wolf

When Muhammad and his followers began raiding caravans, then towns, then countries, it was then that Islam began to spread and grow in followers. Muhammad said, “We are victorious through terror.” As Muhammad was a total dictator of his pack in Medina, the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sunna teach Muslims to also blindly follow their designated leaders whereever they live. To question Muhammad, Allah or the Quran carries a death sentence. Along with the terrorism, the jihad, and the war-like nature of Islam, this Alpha dominant social/religious structure creates a wolf pack culture among Muslims. Like Muhammad, the caliph, the imam, the sheikhs, the mujahideen are the Alpha dogs in the pack. Like wolf packs, Muslims are tribal, communal, and territorial. The pack is always united. Therefore, it is both accurate and inaccurate to describe a single Muslim terrorist as a lone wolf.

Inaccurate, when used by the liberal media to shield other Muslims of the guilt of their lack of religious responsibility. Individual Muslims may do the dastardly, deed alone, but they have the support of the pack in doing it.

Accurate, when used to describe the Alpha dogs within the pack. The Alpha dog does what the pack lives for. There are moderate, Bata dogs in the pack, but they are intimidated or killed by the Alpha dogs. To hope that moderate Muslims will ever someday take over the pack is to think foolishly against their DNA nature.

College student stabber Faisal Muhammad was a lone wolf, but not alone among Muslims.


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