Muslim Syrians Refugees are nothing like my Italian immigrant grandfather.


THE FALSE GUILT BEING PUT UPON U.S. CHRISTIANS IS A DECEPTION TO CONCEAL THE REAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THESE SYRIAN REFUGEES AND OUR GRAND PARENTS. Obama, Wolf, and Peduto stop comparing Muslim Syrian refugees to my Italian grandfather. These Syrian refugees do not want any part of the American dream. Muslim Syrian Refugees are not in any way near to being like my Italian immigrant grandfather. My Italian grandfather whose name is recorded in the book at Ellis Island came to be an American not to make an Islamic State within this country. My Italian immigrant grandfather came to follow the freedom’s of the Constitution not to set up the slavery of Sharia Law. My Italian immigrant grandfather came to have a Christian family of one wife and baptized children not many wives and many children to each. My Italian grandfather came to escape dictators and kings not to blindly follow Imams. My Italian immigrant grandfather worked in a coal mine and did not take welfare or food stamps. My Italian immigrant grandfather pledged allegiance to the Unites States of America with his hand on the Bible not to Allah on a Quran. My Italian grandfather wanted to be know as an American not as a Muslim. My Italian grandfather did not demand unusual civil rights and religious privileges. SO TO ALL YOU PHONY POLITICIANS OUT THERE, STOP HIDDING BEHIND THE REAL SPIRIT OF ELLIS ISLAND, BECAUSE THE GRAND CHILDREN OF REAL REFUGEES ARE NOT ACCEPTING YOUR GUILT.


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