Peduto, Wolf & Obama hiding under the skirt of Lady Liberty. All Wolfes in sheep’s clothing.


Syrian Refugee are not your tired and your weary. The majority of Syrian refugees are males between the ages of 25 and 35 who are participating in immigration jihad. Like the Wolf in sheep’s clothing, Peduto is hiding Syrian refugees under the cover of “American Values and Traditions” Syrian refugee are not our grandfather’s and grandmother’s refugees. They do not want to become Americans, they want to bring Middle Eastern values to Pittsburgh. Syria is a failure of a Muslim country. Islam has brought chaos to its citizens, and they are coming to spread that chaos. Muslims do not believe in Democracy. They believe in Sharia Law. They are not fleeing terror, they are bringing terror to our country. PITTSBURGH, AND PENNSYLVANIA YOUR ARE BEING DECEIVED BY DEMOCRATS JUST WANTING A NEW MINORITY GROUP OF VOTERS.


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