Muhammad could well have been a Syrian, Immigrant Refugee, Today

Camel CaravanHere is the true history of Muhammad’s immigrant, refugee, terrorist migration from Mecca to Medina in 620AD. After Muhammad had created religious intolerance in Mecca for ten years over his religion of Islam, about 50 Muslim refugees migrated to Medina between 615AD and 620AD. At first, the Median Jews accepted these few Islamic immigrants with open arms. But while in Medina, these Muslim refugee immigrants grew and then assassinated any Medina leaders who opposed what Muhammad was doing back in Mecca. Their terrorism paved the road for Muhammad.

Finally, when Muhammad’s protective wealthy wife died, Muhammad fled as a refugee out of Mecca, and migrated to Medina. Muhammad called his trip to Medina “The Hijrah”- the “holy migration.” Once in Medina, Muhammad’s then 1,000 militants terrorized the three Jewish tribes, exiled two, and beheaded 800 men of the third and enslaved their wives and children. Muhammad and his Muslims took over the entire town through the Quran’s teaching of migration Jihad.

Muhammad was a migrant, immigrant, terrorist, and refugee who in two years took over the entire town of Medina. Muhammad could have been a Syrian Refugee, today.

HISTORY REPEATS, AND REPEATS: In two years Peduto’s 500 + 500 Syrian Refugee Immigrants + all their relatives will take over entire neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. Former residents of those neighborhoods will be exiled and no go zones will be established for the shelter of lone terrorists.


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