Liberals quickly promoted the idea that America deserved the Muslim attack on 9/11. Americans are imperialists, racists, and islamophobes. But not Paris, France, the heart of European liberalism. I was amazed at the Euro outcry after the Paris attacks compared to their weak support after 9/11. I wondered. Why? My intelligence officer had the answer.

Liberals do not deserve Islamic wrath, and they never expected the Muslims to attack them. They had done nothing to deserve it, as America had. France has accepted more Muslims than America. France had allowed no-go zones everywhere in Paris. Open borders, and all of France is a gun free zone. France is mega-multicultural, with criminal punishments for  honest critical speech.  After the last attack, the French government went out of its way to avoid calling out Islam. Even Democrat, John Kerry, now a close family relative of one of the Iranian rulers, speaks fluent French. France is the nation of love, fine art, and harmless mimes. The official motto of France is “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité,” which means “liberty, equality, brotherhood.” Muslims love the word Brotherhood, and the feared French Foreign Legion is a thing of the past.

But France forgot one important strategy of Islam. Attack the weakest first. Liberalism is weakness. Of all the nations of the world, France is the fine, liberal lady of Western Civilization. In America, when we were boys, we learned this. Boys should not hit girls. Well, in Islam, the Quran teaches men to hit and abuse disobedient women and girls; so attacking Lady Paris was no moral or religious problem.

Liberals are the weak ones at the back of the herd, and Islam is the wolf pack.


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