shariah Law

  1. Textbook publishers self imposes lies about Islam to our children.
  2. Any criticism of Islam is always labeled hate speech.
  3. Muslims are given preference in immigration.
  4. Mayors and Police Chiefs disclaim Islam promotes terrorism.
  5. The media omit Muslim names form crimes and murder reports.
  6. Muslims are given foot-washing areas in public schools and airports.
  7. Professors forbid freedom of speech against Muslim students.
  8. Public Schools have prohibited pork foods in lunches.
  9. Federal prisons have removed all pork products from meals.
  10. Food companies have self-imposed halal meat product preparations.
  11. Without a public vote, Mayor Peduto has invited Syrian Refugees to Pittsburgh.
  12. The words Muslim and Islamic have been removed from all FBI terrorism manuals.
  13. The Muslim Brotherhood selects Muslim Chaplains for the Armed Forces.
  14. U.S. Soldiers cannot take Bibles into Muslim countries.
  15. U.S. Judges use Shariah Law in deciding cases.
  16. Muslims are given time off the job for prayer . Not Christians or Jews.
  17. Dearborn MI has been allowed to become the first U.S. Muslim no-go zone.
  18. Female U.S. soldiers must wear hijab in Muslim countries.
  19. The Muslim Brotherhood has visited Obama more than any other group.
  20. Muslim women wearing burkas are permitted in public swimming pools. All other swimmers must wear bathing suits.



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