The anglerfish uses a glowing light to attract their prey. The cobra displays a colorful fan in a rhythmic motion to put its prey into a trance. A type of weasel called a stoat jumps, tumbles, and rolls around in front of its prey before pouncing on it. 

Knowledge from experience teaches us that a predator often uses deception to attack and kill. And Muhammad said, “War is deception.”

Islam pretends to have the appealing spiritual glow of godly piety and devotion through the use of prayers, chantings, pilgrimages, fastings, holy books, and mosques.

Islam presents an eye-catching multi-cultural array of traditions, rituals and practices involving foods, headscarves, languages, and racial diversity. Islam wears a pure white coat of cleanness and holiness, as in foot washings, modest clothing, and jewelry prohibitions.

The Muslim with whom you work, the Muslim down the street, the Muslim teacher, the Muslim cashier, are all performing a DANCE OF DECEPTION designed to lure you into their capture. DO NOT BE DECEIVED.

These are all deceptions to distract the non-Muslim from the existential danger of living with Muslims, because Islam is a religious and cultural predator that wants to attack and devour all other religions and civilizations it invades.

Syria was once Christian. Palestine was once Hebrew. Afghanistan was once Buddhist. Iran was once Persian. Iraq was once Zoroastrian.

The stoat is cute, furry, and seemingly harmless, but it is a killer of immense proportions. When the stoat was introduced into the animal population of New Zealand it completely destroyed several species of small mammals and birds.

As colorful, and attractive, and pious as Islam may seem, it also is a killer of all other religions and cultures. Once introduced into a population of people, it dominates and devours the host civilization.

Having once been a WWII victim of a predatory religious ideology (Shintoism), JAPAN HAS BANNED ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION.



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