Islam, The Religion of Pieces (Series 1, Part 4)

Toilet paper


Islam is NOT a Religion of PEACE, but a Religion of PIECES.

Like pieces of ancient greek manuscripts used as toilet paper during the Arabic conquest of Egypt in 639AD. Caliph Omar sent a letter to his general, Amr ibn al-‘Aç, who had taken the city of Alexandria. A letter instructing that all the books in the Great Library be destroyed. For, “if the writings of these Greeks agree with the book of God, they are useless and need not be preserved. If they disagree, they are pernicious and ought to be destroyed.” General Amr followed his orders and reputedly took the books to the bathhouses of Alexandria to be used as fuel for heating the water, and toilet paper, where it is said that it took six months to destroy them. From then until now millions of copies of the Bible have be destroyed by Muslims.

So whenever you hear Muslim PEACE, think Muslim PIECES.


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