MUSLIM MACHETE MADNESS coming to Pittsburgh


Last week in Columbus, Ohio, only 180 miles from Pittsburgh, but only a few months from now, the same MUSLIM MACHETE MADNESS will be arriving in our town.

A Muslim refugee from Somalia attacked patrons at a restaurant owned by a Christian Arab Israeli in Columbus, Ohio. Reports identify the attacker, who entered the Nazareth Mediterranean Restaurant with a machete and began slashing people, as a Somali man Mohammad Barry. Karen Bass, told CBS News. “There was a man on the floor bleeding, there was blood on the floor. It was awful. It was just carnage.” Four people were wounded in the machete attack, one critically.

This was the direct result of the dumping of over 2,000 Somali refugees into the city of Columbus Ohio in the past five years. When Mayor Peduto dumps just as many Syrian Refugees in our town, there will be the same result in Pittsburgh. Plus: Rapes.


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