CAIR of Pittsburgh tells Pittsburghers they are Embarrassing Americans.


In a recent article published by, a publication based in Pittsburgh, executive director of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, Wasi Mohamed said Wednesday that, “People are going to look back in history and be embarrassed that this was a part of American history,” So, this Muslim just told Pittsburghers that they are embarrassing to him. Americans are embarrassing for criticizing Muslim immigration and Mayor Peduto’s Muslim Syrian Refugee program. NOT IN AMERICA!

Well, Mr. Mohamed. You have just demonstrated your lack of understanding of American Freedom of Speech. “Both Mohamed and Khwaja emphasized American values, including tolerance.” Where is there tolerance in the Islamic World, especially when it comes to freedom of speech? NO, Criticism of Islam allowed.

“Mohamed said, “adding that becoming isolated is the worst thing the Islamic community can do.” What about the no-go zones all over Europe populated by Syrian refugees? Isolation is a pattern in Muslim communities, breeding terrorism.

Mohamed is practicing Taqiyya. Taqiyya is Islamic lying. Taqiyya is taught from the Quran and the Hadith as a Muslim defensive practice.

“In reference to Trump’s campaign pledges, promising to ban Muslims, audience members asked how the Islamic community in Pittsburgh would respond.

Mohamed said he would be angry if a politician tried to impose anti-Islamic laws in the city, but said he’s not worried because “Pittsburgh would never like that person.” CAIR is a non-prophet organization and is prohibited by law to endorse or condemn specific candidates.

Excuse me,

Shariah Law is anti-American. Muslims are always imposing Shariah anti-Christian and Jew laws all over the world. This is HYPOCRACY at its height. Christian & Jews cannot step a foot in Mecca. ISLAM IS UN-AMERICAN


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