Blog Purpose

The Purpose the Act! Pittsburgh Blog

  1. To create an online community of blog followers that will find information important to the fight against Islamist Jihad in our towns and country.
  2. To provide a bulletin board of feed back to the Members & Friends of Act! Pittsburgh.
  3. To establish dialogue and conversation through posted comments.
  4. To network with other blogs and websites with common concerns.
  5. To announce events, news, and time/place related opportunities.

One of your excellent blog comments requested more elaborated information on a specific post. This brings up an important question. How do we meet the convenience needs of each blog viewer? As bloggers, daily, we have less or more time to read posts, make posts, and reply. When we have more time, we like longer posts. When in a hurry, however, we look for just the main idea. (nobody likes a long wait at the airport) We hope to make these often changing differences more convenient by using our sister blog to support Act Pittsburgh. “The Helper” is an older sister and has over 400 posts on the topic of Islam. Many of those topics overlap and develop ideas posted on Act Pittsburgh with greater depth. Your time is valuable to you. For your convenience, a short post on Act Pittsburgh with a more developed reference to “The Helper” may provide the best for both needs. We will give this a try, and see if it improves our flight service.

Let us know what you think. “The passenger is always right on Act Airlines.”


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