Book Reading List

Today we are creating a new Page in the blog called the Book Reading List. All of our Members and Friends are interested in learning more about Islamic Jihad. And one of the best ways is by reading excellent informative books on the subject. We are not going to overwhelm you with a list that just makes your feel guilty, but one at a time introduce books that might perk your attention. All of these books are available online, so a complete bibliography is not necessary. But if you have a question, just email us at

BOOK 1.: “Because They Hate” By Brigitte Gabriel, founder and President of Act for America.
This is her personal story of growing up in a country being taken over by radical Islam. The first book I read on the subject of Islam, it will give you the emotional motivation to “act” and read more about a religion that is intent on controlling the world.

BOOK 2.: “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims”By Bill Warner , Center for the Study of     You will learn a ton from this site.

This selection is the opposite of our first book, which was a more personal and emotional account of the evils of Radical Islamic Jihad.  Like a pocket manual, our second selection will give you the basics for understanding Muslims and Islam.  I would call this book, “Islam for dummies.” Again, this was one of my first books.  Some topics of this book are the following.  What is Sharia? Women, The Kafir, Jihad, Dhimmi, The Quran, and Slavery,
Believe me, reading this book will make you 95% more knowledgeable then anyone in your neighborhood, even most Muslims in 3rd world countries who cannot even read the Quran. Muslims recite the Quran in prayer, but they do not understand the language they are hearing or speaking.  But that does not matter because just lip-syncing is good enough for Allah.

BOOK 3.: “Twilight in America” by Martin Mawyer
“Twilight in America” (The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Inside America), by Martin Mawyer with Patti a. Pierucci. PRB Publishing, 2012, ISBN 978-0-9850267-0-7
This is a book you can’t put down. You will learn how Islamic Terrorists Camps are grown and cultivated in the heartland of the United States.

Book 4: “The Suicide of Reason” by Lee Harris   This book will answer all your questions about how Islam has conquered hundreds of nations more advanced in civilization, and remained an empire of Muslim nations for 1400 years. The author compares Western Civilization to Islam in relation to the Enlightenment (rational man) and Middle Eastern culture of the fanaticism of the irrational man. He points out that the terrorist is a key player in the Culture by maintaining the tribes unity and purity.


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