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Muslim Felon Flies Palestinian Flag in NJ

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Plaistinian Flag

A convicted felon, Khader Abuassab, was the principle petitioner for the designation by Paterson’s City Council of Palestinian Day in Patterson, NJ. In the past, Abuassab has also encouraged Muslims of Paterson to not cooperate with police surveillance of Muslim terrorist activities in NJ. The Palestinian Flag was raised at the City Hall on May 19th the Sunday following Israeli Independence Day. According to the United Nations, Palestine is not recognized as a world Nation State. Historically, to many living in the nation of Israel, the Palestinian flag is a symbol of international terrorism.

“In 2002, Khader Abuassab pled guilty to having racked up more than $615,000 in credit card fraud, using 40 different credit cards to circumvent credit limits on the cards, and then filing for bankruptcy to erase the debts. Abuassab admitted he had not intended to pay for the things he charged. In 2004, Abuassab was sentenced to 13 months in prison, with two additional years of supervised release.  In addition, Abuassab was ordered by the federal district court judge in New Jersey to pay $620,000 in restitution. No information was readily available about what Abuassab had originally used the money for, and whether it had all been paid back.”


ACT! ALERT, Freedom of Speech

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Last evening, in a webcast, the national Act for America Organization announced their mission for 2013. The Mission is to fight against Islamic Stealth Jihad, now taking the form of an international attack on the human right of Religious Freedom of Speech. Specifically, the goal is to defeat the ratification by the United States of United Nations Resolution 16/18. This Resolution prohibits any and all criticism of Islam and criminalizes any violations of this purposed international law. Act for America has declared September 25th 2013 as “Freedom of Speech Day.”, and is circulating a petition opposing UN Resolution 16/18. Go to: for more information.