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Battle Fields of Islamic Jihad

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Battle Fronts of Islamic Jihad are in your neighborhoods.

Local: Contact us. Your are our eyes and ears.

  1. Inner City Neighborhoods (Dysfunctional communities ripe for Sharia)
  2. Universities (Islamic Studies Departments indoctrinating future teachers)
  3. Public School Textbooks (Lies about the history of Islam, guest Islamic speakers)
  4. Interfaith Dialogue Conferences (Dis-information, hidden agenda, redacted Qurans)
  5. Theological Seminaries (Islamist professors in camouflage)
  6. News Papers, T.V. (Politically correct slanting of content and editing)
  7. Prisons (Muslim Chaplins promoting radical Islam)
  8. Mosques, Cultural Centers (Courses that radicalize the ignorant)
  9. Charter Schools (Seed beds for home grown terrorists)
  10. Islamic Organizations, (CAIR, MSA propaganda outlets for media)
  11. Internet Islamic Websites (Islamic “Dawah” evangelism)
  12. Libraries (Slanted, biased  materials)
  13. Teacher Training Workshops (Provide distorted Islamic lesson plans)
  14. Hospitals (Special in hospital accommodations for Muslim doctors)
  15. Welfare Fraud (Unemployment, Disability, and Child Welfare Fraud)

Lego Toy the Target of Cultural Jihad

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Cultural Jihad on Display

Muslims declare victory in fight over ‘anti-Islamic’ lego set. Lego promises to axe ‘Jabba’s Palace.’ In a display of craven cowardice, Lego disappoints Star Wars fans worldwide by caving in to Muslim demands and removing “Jabba’s Palace” from the market. Turkish Muslims claim the piece was “racist” because they claim Jabba’s Hut resembles a historic Byzantine church which was forcibly repurposed as a mosque.

Islamic imperialists claimed the lego set was offensive to Muslims, as it resembled the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul — once one of the world’s most renowned and exquisite churches — Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul (Constantinople).

The”revered mosque” that has incited all this Muslim grievance-mongering is actually a church, one that was once the most exquisite and revered in the Christian world (Hagia Sophia 360 AD to 1453), that is — before it was conquered by violent Muslims waging war in the cause of Islam. That is offensive.”
All thanks and credit to Atlas Shrugs by Pamela Geller April 1, website, 2013

COMMENTARY: But since the Muslims have brought this up. Lets us remind the world that the day Constantinople finally fell to the Muslims, there was permitted a three day rape and slaughter of the inhabitants of the City. And inside the Cathedral -Hagia Sophia- in the sanctuary area, priests were murdered on the altar. Could it be that this is what these protesting Muslims do not want brought up by the image of this toy.

This is Cultural Jihad in full display. A toy is removed from the hands of American children because it may slightly bring back to Western Civilization’s memory one of the most grotesque actions of inhumane Muslim violence against Christians in the past 600 years.

In 1453, the Muslim conquerers were extraordinarily brutal. Historian Steven Runciman notes that the Muslim soldiers “slew everyone that they met in the streets, men, women, and children without discrimination. The blood ran in rivers down the steep streets from the heights of Petra toward the Golden Horn. But soon the lust for slaughter was assuaged. The soldiers realized that captives and precious objects would bring them greater profit.” The Christian Cathedral was turned into a Mosque.

Islam, your guilt is showing. You have over played your hand again. You protest too much. But now many more will come to learn the real reason for this jerk reaction against an American Toy Company.

Interfaith Islamic “lie -a- log”

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“If his lips are moving, he’s lying!”

“In other words, in any attempt to conduct an interfaith dialogue, Muslim participation should be discouraged because of the mockery Muslims always make of such a discussion. If allowed to speak, there must be people there who are willing and able to challenge and refute the Muslim lies with easy-verifiable facts.”

Our thanks and all credit to: Bare Naked Islam:

commentary: Interfaith Dialogue with Muslims is an intellectual trap. No one can have dialogue with a liar. Any true dialogue is built on honesty. Muslims are taught from the Quran that Holy Lying (taqiyya) to non-Muslims is permitted. A Muslim participates in religious dialogue for the purpose of converting non-Muslims into Muslims. Also, the dialogue is a formal warning to the non-Muslim. The Quran teaches that a non-Muslim must be invited to believe in Islam before they can be conquered, enslaved or killed. Islamic Dialogue is a one-way street for all of the above reasons. It is a set-up. Only weak non-Muslims will even enter into Islamic Dialogue. I once participated in an Islamic Dialogue, and it became clear quickly that the purpose of the Muslims present was this -confuse, lie, divide and conquer. There must be a person present that knows the truth and can defend the truth or more harm will be done than good. A lie unchallenged becomes the truth. A great website that does this is

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