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Public School Pledges Allegiance to Allah

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HS Students Say Pledge In Arabic: ‘One Nation Under Allah’
Posted on 28 April, 2014 by Rick Wells

“The school recites the Pledge of Allegiance weekly, on Mondays. Last Monday, a member of their “Cultural Arms Club” led the student body in an Arabic version of the pledge, replacing the words “under God” with “under Allah.”

Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, has now become Sharia Law compliant, at least for one day. And since the entire student body and teachers pledged to Allah, and thereby fulfilled the 1st Pillar of Islam, -Confessing that there is only one god Allah, could a nearby Imam understand that as the whole school becoming Muslim? Added to the authenticity of this pledge is the fact that the pledge was spoken in Arabic, which in addition, brings this confession very close to being a mass conversion to Islam. Now What? Are they -today- now considered apostates? Or is it just that the school lunches will now no longer have pork items on the menu? Words have consequences in Islam.


Coptic Christians Need Support

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It is time for Christians to stand together! Christians and their churches are being killed and destroyed in Egypt for no reason other than the fact that they are Christians. With the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood, the hatred that has been directed toward Christians for centuries has been rekindled with no end in sight.

 The article (URL below) written by Craig Smith in the August 22, 2013 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that demonstrates an act of Christian fellowship that can be duplicated by every Christian who is willing to give of a small amount of time. While the Coptic Christians at the Ambridge, Pennsylvania church were discussing alternatives to aid their counterparts in Egypt, the Reverend Michael Kochis, pastor at nearby St. Vladmir Ukrainian Orthodox Church said he wanted to be a part of the Coptic efforts. He then said:

“They are our neighbors, we look at the news and it is so real to them. They have   friends and relatives there.   I wanted them to know they are not forgotten .”

This is the challenge that we who profess Christianity need to take during this period when the future of Egypt and Christianity is hanging in the balance. It is critical that as many American Christians as possible be aware of the threat to the Coptic Christians and create an understanding of the centuries-old conflict. All of us have an opportunity by doing two things:

  1. Communicate with your pastors and bishops of all denominations the concern for Egyptian Christians and request that they be remembered at every service until order is restored and Coptic Christians can live in peace. In the words of Reverend Kochis, assure that they …”know they are not forgotten.”
  2. Request of your pastors to include a special prayer for our Coptic Christian brothers and sisters as a part of every service. These people are being persecuted for being Christians!

New Flight 93 Student Handbook ????

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Child at Wall

What is in the the new Flight 93 Student Handbook? More whitewashing of the evil of Islamic terrorism. It’s coming soon.

A joint project by the National Park Service and the school of education at the University of Pittsburgh is working to develop a Junior Ranger Handbook for children ages 6 to 12 to understand what happened at the 2,200-acre memorial site.Read more:

We don’t know what is in this latest booklet, but let’s examine what has already been written to be taught to our children. The Flight 93 National Memorial now has three booklets for younger children, older children and parents for their children.

Following the typical example of the Islamic whitewashing in American Public School Textbooks, not one of these words is found in the above booklets: terrorist, Islamist, Muslim. But here is an example of the “mush” that was put into the Parent Guide for Children. “Children might naturally ask, “Why would someone do this? Why did it happen?” You might want to say something like, “Some people wanted to hurt others, and the brave passengers and crew tried to stop it.” If your child asks why someone would want to hurt others, you can say that nobody knows for sure. Some people who are angry don’t know any other way to handle those feelings. Let your child know that it’s important for everyone to find ways to deal with their feelings without hurting anyone. “ This is laughable and shameful.

The terrorist of Flight 93, were cold, calculating murders that had no justification for any anger except for the hate promoted by their religion –Islam.  How about this answer for your child. Muslim men who were at war with our country tried to use an airplane filled with innocent people to kill hundreds of American citizens. We know exactly why they did their evil deed, and talking about these men dealing with feelings is a sugar coating of an inexcusable action. Seriously, was this booklet pre-approved as Sharia compliant by the local Pittsburgh CAIR organization.

Learn more: go to and search 9/11 in Textbooks to find out how this pattern of whitewashing is also being used in American History Textbooks.

Brutal Mentality, Final Step to Terrorism

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In his book, “The Terrorist Next Door,” Erick Stakelbeck points out that the last stage of the radicalization of a terrorist is the development of a brutal mentality.

For fundamentalist Muslims, this psychological stage of mentality begins at home with the abuse of Muslim women and girls by fathers and brothers. Female toddlers are subjected to FMG (Female Genital Mutilation), and their mothers are beaten according to Sharia Law.

The normal, human, moral conscience must first be desensitized by hate, and then exposed to repeated dehumanization of a specific group of people. The women in Islamic families are that first group of people to be used to bring about this process that leads to the development of a brutal mentality. The next group of course are Jews and Christians.

As is the pattern with abusers and pathological, serial killers, they all consistently have a history of animal abuse or child abuse in their early developmental stages. A brutal mentality must be developed in order for a person to be able to carryout inhumane acts of terrorism. It takes that type of brutal mentality to place a bomb at the feet of an eight-year-old little boy innocently watching a marathon.

The older brother of the two Boston Bombers had at least two criminal charges of abuse of women (a girlfriend and his wife). And the Boston Police are even now looking into the older brother’s possible connection to the unsolved murders of three Cambridge Jewish students in 2011.

A brutal mentality is a necessary step to terrorism. The burka hides more than we sometimes think.

Islam, The Perfect Pressure Cooker

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The pressure cooker is the perfect analogy for Islam.


The microwave replaced the pressure cooker in modern societies, because the microwave oven increased the speed of cooking food items. Before the microwave, the pressure cooker used pressure from heat to increase temperature over a shorter period of cooking time. In third world countries, the pressure cooker is still a popular cooking utensil. This is why it has become a favorite terrorist devise in those countries. You can buy a pressure cooker in the market, and no one asks any questions. Just as pressure cookers increase cooking, in the hands of a terrorist, they also intensify a small amount of explosive into devastating destruction.

How a pressure cooker works is important to the analogy. I have used a pressure cooker. They are dangerous even in domestic use. Many have exploded on stoves and killed people. Food is packed tightly into a pressure cooker. The lid is tightly sealed -sometimes with screws. (See above) Heat is increased to the highest possible level. The critical combination is: Heat, Pressure, and Confinement. But pressure cookers do have safety valves. A small pressure sensitive valve is place in a hole in the lid. Set at a few measures before the explosion point, the valve is intended to blow off and prevent the cooker from ripping apart. But lack of maintenance and attention, can prevent the valve from functioning as designed, and cause an excessive build up of heat leading to explosion.

The Analogy:  Islam is a religion that promotes the packing of its followers into confined areas. Muslims do not assimilate into a host culture. Under the pressure of Sharia Law, the heat of submission to Allah increases. Normal societal pressure release valves such as alcohol, and entertainment are prohibited. Acting out the intensity and pressure of their religion, individual terrorists become the religious pressure valves that blow off in separate violent attacks upon the host society. Arab Springs and Islamic Revolutions symbolize the whole cooker exploding within another form of government, unacceptable to Allah. Societal lack of attention through political correctness will always result in these terrorist explosions within a culture.

Stealth Jihad on TV, Blue Bloods

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I was watching one of my favorite TV programs the other night –Blue Bloods. I had recorded it a few weeks prior to my viewing.  When I saw Muslim characters and an Islamic theme developing in the episode, my interest spiked. How would they present a controversial issue of American-Muslim relations?

A young, white Catholic girl was murdered, and the first suspects were Muslim. In the beginning, there was a balance of good Muslims and bad Muslims, good Americans, and bad Americans. This would be balanced scripting, but then as the show progressed the pro-Islamic propaganda mounted to the point of being ridiculous. The bad Muslim was “justly” bad because of American bigotry inflicted upon him as a child on the day of 9/11. The bad Americans were bad “purely” because of the usual religious prejudices. But the climax of Islamic pandering occurred, when the father of the murdered girl admits that he killed his daughter because she had turned Muslim.  What is this? Oh, of course, a Roman Catholic honor killing. The father -a devout Catholic- had killed his daughter because she had turned Muslim for her Muslim boy friend.

So let me ask you?  In your lifetime, when did you ever hear of a Roman Catholic honor killing?  NEVER.  But have you ever heard of a Muslim honor killing?  YES.  A Muslim father kills his daughter for even dating a non-Muslim boy -often in this country, and frequently in Muslim countries.

Reality was turned upside down in order to portray a Roman Catholic, as being just a violent as many Muslims are about inter-religious dating and marriage. As a side dish of distortion, Muslims are only angry because they have been mistreated, and Americans are always bigots and willing to kill their children rather than accept Islam.

But this is all part of dimmi, stealth jihad coming into your home courtesy of the useful idiots in the TV media.  I am sure; CAIR pre-examined the script and approved it as Sharia compliant. How many Americans watched this show and accepted it as true to life? America was under jihad attack that night.

Foolish me, I forgot that the U.S. Army has now listed the Catholic Church as a terrorist group. It all makes sense now. Google that for a continuation of this story.

Islamic Plan to Destroy Freedom of Speech

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The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has a plan to destroy America’s freedom of speech.  The OIC is made up of 57 Islamic nations who are in cooperation with each other to manipulate the United Nations into imposing a speech gag upon the United States and the world in the form of UN Resolution 16/18.

To accomplish this end, several lies must be lifted to the level of truth in worldviews.  This summary is drawn from a presentation by Debra Weiss that was web-casted on 3-12-2013 in cooperation with Act for American.

  1. Criticism of Islam is a form of racism.
  2. Anyone who opposes Islam is Islamophobic
  3. Defamation is any negative statement about Islam
  4. Opposing Islam is the greatest threat to world peace.
  5. Sharia Law does not violate human rights.
  6. Islam is a victim of western prejudice.
  7. The burden of criminality rests on the person who speaks out, and not upon the person who reacts to what is spoken.  This is a consequence-based test, and not a content-based test of criminality.  Legal Courts of the United States have always used the content-based test for criminality in freedom of speech cases.