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Pittsburgh’s Prayer-Peace Rally with CAIR

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Bosch Fawstin

August 6th at Noon there will be prayers at Point State Park for peace in the Middle East. Christians, Muslims, and Jews are being asked to attend. The Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR along with other Christian and Jewish organizations are sponsoring and participating in the event.

CAIR was a co-conspiritor in the Holy Hand Foundation’s illegal funding of Hamas terrorist activities in Palestine. It then seems strange that CAIR would be praying for peace in the Middle East, unless you understand that “peace” in Islam is total submission to the will of Allah by all infidels, “non-Muslims.”

Muhammad called on all Muslims to fight, fight, fight forever until all is Islam. Muhammad accused Muslims who cried for peace of being worse then unbelievers, “hypocrites.” Are CAIR’s Muslim members hypocrites or are their prayers for peace together with Christians and Jews a practice in the deception of Taqiyya, “Islamic holy lying?”

Christians and Jews who pray with CAIR’s today are dhimmies, “People of the Book under Islam’s control.”

Don’t be Fooled, again.


Obama Learned to Lie from the Quran

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Pinocchio 2

Obama was raised a Muslim child. Obama’s first school was a Muslim school. Obama said that the sweetest sound of his childhood was the Islamic call to prayer. Obama learned to lie from the Quran.

When Obama said, “If you like your plan you can keep it,” he was demonstrating the type of lying he learned from the Quran. Taqiyya or Kitman is a type of holy lying sanctioned by Allah and preached by Muhammad. In the Islamic religion a lie is not a lie if it advances the cause of Islam.

Allah has already ordained for you, (O men), the dissolution of your oaths” Quran 66:2.     From the Hadith, Bukhari wrote that Muhammad said, ““He who makes peace between the people by inventing good information or saying good things, is not a liar.”  Bukhari 49:857      The Reliance of the Traveler says, pp. 746When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible.”

To Obama, a lie is not a lie, if it advances the cause of Islam or Socialism. Obama is an Islamic Socialist Pinocchio. But when he lies, his ears grow, not his nose.

Resurrection, What do Muslims Believe?

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Muslims do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus because they do not believe Jesus died. They do not believe Jesus was crucified, but was taken to heaven by Allah. The death and resurrection of Jesus is the most central doctrine of the Christian faith. Therefore, it can never be said in truth that Christians and Muslims have a common faith. Some Muslims are divided in opinion on the resurrection of the dead. A few Muslims believe in a spiritual resurrection, but not a physical resurrection. The Quran say that Allah has the ability to and will resurrect all the dead. Muhammad did not resurrect from the dead. The Quran promises that Muslims in Heaven will have physical, resurrected bodies, so that they might enjoy, as rewards, the pleasures of the flesh, including sexual relations. The Bible does not promise physical, sexual relations for resurrected Christians. Muslims believe that all Non-Muslims (including Christians and Jews) will be resurrected in bodies for Hell and torment.

See additional Muslim quotes at;

New Website to Website List

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We are adding a new website to the list of Recommended Websites. One of my favorites: Don’t let the name fool you. The title is satire. At this website you can learn huge amounts of information. On the site, one of the Home Page links “About Islam” has my favorite “Myths of Muhammad.” The site also has loads of history and even current events. Enjoy.

Interfaith Islamic “lie -a- log”

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“If his lips are moving, he’s lying!”

“In other words, in any attempt to conduct an interfaith dialogue, Muslim participation should be discouraged because of the mockery Muslims always make of such a discussion. If allowed to speak, there must be people there who are willing and able to challenge and refute the Muslim lies with easy-verifiable facts.”

Our thanks and all credit to: Bare Naked Islam:

commentary: Interfaith Dialogue with Muslims is an intellectual trap. No one can have dialogue with a liar. Any true dialogue is built on honesty. Muslims are taught from the Quran that Holy Lying (taqiyya) to non-Muslims is permitted. A Muslim participates in religious dialogue for the purpose of converting non-Muslims into Muslims. Also, the dialogue is a formal warning to the non-Muslim. The Quran teaches that a non-Muslim must be invited to believe in Islam before they can be conquered, enslaved or killed. Islamic Dialogue is a one-way street for all of the above reasons. It is a set-up. Only weak non-Muslims will even enter into Islamic Dialogue. I once participated in an Islamic Dialogue, and it became clear quickly that the purpose of the Muslims present was this -confuse, lie, divide and conquer. There must be a person present that knows the truth and can defend the truth or more harm will be done than good. A lie unchallenged becomes the truth. A great website that does this is

For more commentary search:
Search: Lying, Taqiyya

Book List Page, A New Book

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Sharia Law for Non-Muslims,

By Bill Warner, Center for the Study of Political.     You will learn a ton from this site.

This selection is the opposite of our first book, which was a more personal and emotional account of the evils of Radical Islamic Jihad.  Like a pocket manual, our second selection will give you the basics for understanding Muslims and Islam.  I would call this book, “Islam for dummies.” Again, this was one of my first books.  Some topics of this book are the following.  What is Sharia? Women, The Kafir, Jihad, Dhimmi, The Quran, and Slavery,

Believe me, reading this book will make you 95% more knowledgeable then anyone in your neighborhood. Most Muslims in 3rd world countries cannot read the Quran. 80% of Muslims who recite the Quran in prayer do not understand the language they are hearing or speaking.  But that does not matter because just lip-syncing is good enough for Allah.